billy washboard

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Billy Hults: 1944 - 2009


This CD is a musical autobiography, to quote Northwest washboard legend Billy Hults, a sampling of forty years of his playing with the best of the best. As you can hear on these 16 tracks, Billy has backed them all: Jeffrey Frederick and the Clamtones, the Holy Modal Rounders, Jim Boyer, the Floating Glass Balls, Baby Gramps, Jim Page, Johnnie Ward, the Fly by Night Jass Band, Michael Hurley, Robin Remaily, Billy Kennedy and more. This is a musical history in the making, the most mellifluous washboard playing you’ve ever heard.

If you missed his "Wake" at Portland's White Eagle, you missed a gathering of several generations of the Northwest's musical family. All of them came to pay their respects, drink a beer, and have a last smoke with Reverend Billy Hults of the Church of the Rastafi Cowboy Buddha. The music and the company was so good, Billy was considering a second annual. Against all medical expectations, he made it through another winter and spring to see and share this anthology with his friends and loved ones, his spirits soared but his body failed him and Billy left us just a few days after he turned 65.

This CD gives you jug band greats, folk, psychedelia, ragtime, jazz wonderment and good old rock ‘n roll all wrapped into one great package displaying Billy’s amazing range of musical styles. Under Billy’s direction, the tunes were selected by Kathryn Frederick and Dave Reisch and lovingly mastered by Jeremy Wilson to highlight his washboard mastery.