Unfinished Business This was the last studio recording Jeffrey made. There are only six tracks, hence the name. Mostly a capella. FPDC009 $10

Ice House is from Jeff's Nevada days, The Jeffrey Frederick Band. The album that started it all, this is a rocking album that shows off the unique style of his Nevada bands.

FPCD01 $5.00


ooh la la...Les Clams is from a hot show at Euphoria. It contains 8 pages of liner notes by Michael Hurley and JimBoyer.

FPCD02 2003 $5.00

carful of band
Clamtones B.C. is a 2 disc set from a 1976 show at Rohans Rockpile aired on radio in Vancouver B.C. An outrageously good CD representing Jeffrey's talent, his better known tunes, some of his more obscure ones, and many tunes from Have Moicy. FPCD03 2004 $22.
jeff in boat
The Resurrection ofSpiders in the Moonlight is now available. This is the classic desert island album and has three bonus tracks giving you a sample of Jeffrey's later work. FPCD08 $16.00

This is a must-have. Once you put it in your CD player it will not come out. If you are a Jill Gross fan, she's here and she is great singing a duet with Dave Reisch. If Stolen Guitar is one of your faves, it is here (done by James Low) and it is one of the best renditions you'll ever hear. Billy Kennedy is doing Red Welt Rose, Bingo is Singing to the Dentist, the Lewi Longmeyer band does Toilet, Robin Remaily wrote a song This Old Guitar, a song about Jeff. Lex Browning, Turtle Vandemarr, Jim Boyer, Jake Ray, Teddy Deane, The Piano Throwers, Lynn Conover, Little Sue, Paul Brainard, Roger North and more are also featured on this fabulous tribute. Produced by Dave Reisch.

FPCD11 $5.00