Have Moicy 2 the Hoodoo Bash

Is finally here!

Have Moicy 2  the Hoodoo Bash

Listen to Track 2:   Nonsense

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Red Newt Records Cat No.FPRNCD32 ~ $16 (plus s/h)

Recorded in a week of in-the-round guerilla sessions at a 100 year old bar in Portland, Oregon
back in January of 2012

Features Peter Stampfel, Jeffrey Lewis,
Baby Gramps, Kristin Andreassen, the Dustbusters (now Downhill Strugglers),
the inimitable Dave Reisch, and a cameo appearance from Bingo Richey

Peter Stampfel Hoodoo Bash

"There are millions of worse things to settle for than this. In fact, there are millions on Spotify alone. A-"
-Robert Christgau, Expert Witness

"'Have Moicy 2' retains the full spirit of the original 'Have Moicy!' It is in keeping with the first album's mixture of the old and the new, the professional and the amateur, the optimistic and the fatalistic, the smile and the sob."
-Ken Tucker, NPR's Fresh Air

"I didn't hear Have Moicy 2 until a few days ago and usually I don’t list records that I haven’t lived with for a while, but this is so good – and long-awaited – that I had to include it."
-David Obenour, Ghettoblaster Magazine

"As the first Have Moicy proved, if you gather a few great creative folks in one studio, each one only has to bring in a small number of great tunes and you've got a classic album pretty easily... It's well worth the wait."
-Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

"A wonderful collection of songs that see saw away with Stampfel’s love for (and his long standing subversion of) old time music proudly at the helm, The Hoodoo Bash is an essential listen for anyone beguiled by the idea of old, weird Americana."
-Paul Kerr, Blabber 'n' Smoke